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Religion is a combination of world views, universal beliefs, moral values, practices and cultural systems agreed by a number of persons. Historically religion has been one of the primary reasons for humans to group together and work as one. Moral values imparted through various religions help societies live in harmony and peace. Every democracy in the world gives its citizens the right to religious freedom, understanding that religion is one of the basic needs of human beings.

Today religion has become an attractive industry with billions of dollars in the form of donations and charity paid to religious institutes to carry on their work. Religion has been one of the oldest professions, where an individual had to put in a considerable part of his or her life to understand the religion and even memorize its scriptures. It still till today is a respectable profession requiring dedication and time to become an expert. Today a profession in religion means studying and interpreting multiple religions. People specializing in religion are required for governments, businesses and social non-profits organizations. Here the person with the knowledge of the region’s religions is required to understand the people and how these people will respond to certain products and strategies. 


Top Religions in the United States

As you can see, the United States mostly consists of Christians with the majority belonging to the Cathorlic Church; however, there are many different religions present throughout the States. The top 10 religious denominations in the United States, based on population are as follows: Rank Church Year Population 1 Catholic Church 2002 66,407,105 2 Southern Baptist Convention 2003 16,400,000 3 Uni...


Finding the Right Church

Church is a complicated subject for a lot of people. Depending on how dogmatic you are, you may find yourself coming into conflict with certain teachings at some churches. As well, you may also find that some other churches practice methods you find abhorrent. Regardless of the specifics, you need to carefully vet out the church you're considering going to before you commit yourself to them...


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